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Have you ever been in a situation when you are running late at work or you have to take your kid home from school, and suddenly you realize that the key you have been always carying with you is not in the place. You start to panic, you are getting frustrated and stressed, don’t know what to do and who to call for help? You go to your car and try to see if keys are inside, you hope for it but no, you can’t see them, maybe they got lost in that huge parking or perhaps someone stole it, what to do in this case? How to make sure your car won’t be stolen by someone using your keys. This have happened to me last week. After eight hours spent in the office I jumped in into my 2011 porsche boxter and drove to my best friend in Encino, Los Angeles. We had some great fun and after,when I was getting ready to head home I realized my keys are nowhere to be found. I’ve asked my friend for help and she told me that I just have to google for local locksmith los angeles and – or car locksmith los angeles who will be able to help. Ok, so I tried to google some help for my self, a lot of ads on first page, just a lot, I taped on first result for local car locksmith los angeles, some shady website with only phone number on it insisting me to call and get all the details over the phone. And so I called, someone with very weird accent answered and was telling me that technician has to check the car first and it’s 29$ service call to come out to me and check it, I knew it wouldn’t be cheap to get key made for my car but I would rather know before what am I looking at aprox. rather than just ask someone to come and charge me 29$ for nothing so I decided to tell them that I will call them back. I tried to click on 2nd, 3rd, 4th ad on that google search page and all the time I was getting same service call, weird accent some shady websites.

It all went on until I found Leo’s Locksmith – I called them, Leo answered the call, got my details he understood the situation, I was really glad I’ve been listening to local accent not someone 8 thousand miles away god knows where. So Leo passed my number to his best locksmith tech in town, I’ve got a call from him and he was saying he’s already on the way and will be here in 10 minutes I was like wow that’s fast, I tried to ask him about the price but he said not to worry about it and that he will give me free estimate on site and we can work out the price as well. So tech came, he gave me an absolutely good price I’ve call ed dealership and compared. Overall Leo’s Locksmith is the best locksmith in Los Angeles I’ve been able to find. So if you’ll ever get in a situation with lost keys or keys locked in the car just give them a call, and they will make sure to leave you statisfied with their service !!!

P.S forgot to mention that they work 24 Hours and do best locksmith near me service, and can deal with any make and the model and their phone is (323)438-9219